Early Voting Ends Saturday

Saturday, October 30th is your last day to vote early.   Next Tuesday, November 2nd, is Election Day.

You cannot sit this one out.  Our kids cannot afford it.  Legislators control every part of our children’s school lives from curriculum to testing.  Their intrusive policies and partisan agendas wind up on our kitchen tables.  Their actions are harming our schools and hurting our kids.  We must stop electing legislators who refuse to work for us.

Legislators spend billions of our property tax dollars “measuring” and “assessing” our kids and teachers.   If high-stakes performance-based standards are good for 3rd graders – we think they’re perfect for candidates.

Lawmakers should work every day to earn an A from us. Yet, their actions show that they barely give us a second thought.  If we held them to the highest performance-based standard, how many of them would pass?

Your vote is the ultimate grade.   Deeds, not words show whether a candidate is serious about earning an A in public education.

We have the power to make high-quality public education the litmus test for leadership in Florida.

Do your homework.  Our Educated Voter tool transcends party-driven rhetoric and delivers usable fact-based information.   Our Education Report Card uses voting records, not empty words, to define a candidate’s commitment to public education.

Make it your business to know who is getting your vote.  Follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the website and click on your county page.
  2. Review the Education Report Card.  Votes are deeds- they have lasting impact.
  3. Click on Campaign Contributors.  Who influences these candidates?  Which industry or special interest will expect a payback?
  4. Click on the links to the candidates’ own websites and read their education positions for yourself.
Florida is our state.   Sheer politics and chronic indifference from our legislators has left Florida Public Education lying bruised and battered at the bottom of every known list.  Enough is enough.

Voting is the most powerful way to express your opinion.  Be confident about the votes you cast and know that regardless of the outcome, you did your part.

This is our time as parents and teachers to show legislators what it means to tie performance to pay.   As voters, we are exercising our right to hire or fire.  This election is different.  Our kids desperately need us to make the right call for them.  These are the highest of high-stakes votes.

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

Each of us must Vote

It’s our patriotic duty and moral obligation to our greatest legacy – our kids.



Author: fundeducationnow

Fund Education Now.org is permanent grass roots, non-partisan group created by parents to inspire and empower voters to advocate on behalf of Florida's children. We believe that Florida's public education crisis is about more than money. Parents, long silent on this subject, must now stand up and lead the discussion and clearly articulate what we, the end-users of public education, want and expect for our kids and our state.

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