Manatee County School Board Candidate Responses

Manatee County School District is operating in emergency mode and much has transpired since the Fund Education Now Candidate Forum in August.  Parents, teachers and community members are concerned about the educational future of children in Manatee County and have questions for both Mr. Miner and Mr. Moates, candidates for school board in district 2.
Fund Education Now will facilitate a Written Question and Answer Forum for community members.  Please submit your questions to Christine Sket at by Thursday October 25, 2012 12 p.m.
All questions will be submitted to both candidates and the responses will be shared via email, Facebook and various news outlets. Candidates will have until Monday October 29th 8:30 am to respond to these questions.
Submitted and answered Questions from August Candidate forum can be found below.
The other critical issue in education is the Constitutional Amendments.  Fund Education Now opposes the ballot amendments 3,4,5 & 8 due to the negative fiscal impact each will cause for public education.

Mr. Moates

Dave Watchdog Miner


Author: fundeducationnow

Fund Education is permanent grass roots, non-partisan group created by parents to inspire and empower voters to advocate on behalf of Florida's children. We believe that Florida's public education crisis is about more than money. Parents, long silent on this subject, must now stand up and lead the discussion and clearly articulate what we, the end-users of public education, want and expect for our kids and our state.

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