HB 887: Coding as foreign language hits house floor


Take action today! Computer Coding is not a foreign language!  HB 887 by Rep. Janet Adkins makes computer coding equal to foreign language studies.   This bill, which is the companion to the controversial SB 468 by Sen. Ring,  hits the house floor this week.

Florida already allows computer science to count toward high school science or math graduation requirements.  Although HB 887 “forces” state universities to accept coding as a substitute for current foreign language admission requirements, the legislature has zero authority to make this demand.

According to staff analysis of HB 887, requiring Florida colleges and state universities to accept coding in lieu of foreign language likelyinfringes upon the State University System (SUS) Board of Governors’ (BOG) constitutional responsibility to govern admissions to SUS institutions, as confirmed by the SUS Governance Agreement and in statute.”

Students will be left to figure out if any out-of-state schools in the nation will dismiss their own foreign language admissions requirements in favor of coding.  Florida high school graduates who lack foreign language study will find themselves at an extreme disadvantage.

Speak up now.  HB 887 is poor public policy.  It makes conditions worse, not better for Florida high school students. This is about expanding a market for vendors, not about what’s best for kids.


Pease help us continue to fund this quick way to speak up and take action


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