Budget no place for Best & Brightest


Take action today and urge the Senate to stand strong and deny the grossly biased Best & Brightest from being rolled up into the Budget, avoiding open debate.

We strongly object to the House’s cowardly path of letting Best & Brightest hitch a ride in the budget and expect the Senate to reject the House’s inappropriate strategy on this issue.

This deeply biased $10K bonus based on high school SAT/ACT scores was passed as a budget item last year without a fair public hearing in the senate.

Now the House is trying to force a repeat of last year.  Tell the senate is simply not fair to the people of Florida.

Best & Brightest endured a rocky first year that underscored the known bias that favors new teachers over veterans. Many teachers found that their 80% or higher percentile rankings were hard to locate while other “highly effective” teachers never took the SAT. Despite claims to the contrary, there is no empirical evidence that a test taken by a seventeen-year-old predicts adult performance for years to come.

Instead of bowing to the wishes of the House, tell the Senate to use their power to stop the passage of the Best & Brightest.


Please help us continue to fund this quick way to speak up and take action





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