Extensive New Guide thrusts Jeb & reform cronies deep into twisted web of power, profit, media & neo-advocacy



Every public education advocate understands that school “reform” is code for corporate privatization. Cursory research reveals the same constellation of names: Jeb Bush, Gates, Walton, DeVos, Bradley, Koch, Friedman, the list goes on. These names intersect with think tanks, corporations, media outlets, advocacy front groups and politicians. Central to this web is biased, punitive social engineering and the criminal expectation that the $800 billion tax dollars spent annually by states across the nation is an entitlement meant to be hollowed out and consumed by a greedy “reform” industry.

Taking our public schools back and reversing privatization is an overwhelming task, considering that most of the folks in this fight are unfunded parents, students and teachers driven by the moral code of love. Thankfully, Media Matters has published A Guide To The Funders Behind A Tangled Network Of Advocacy, Research, Media, And Profiteering That’s Taking Over Public Education 

This tremendous body of work clarifies why states rush to pass the same test and punish “reforms” that hurt children and harm public schools. It reveals how “reforms”gain legitimacy when cable pundits are paid to endlessly slam”failure factories” while ignoring poverty and and relentless opportunity hording by the elites. It connects the dots between an “education reform” club and its obsession with power and greed. For Florida advocates, it’s no shock that Jeb’s Foundation for Excellence in Education plays a starring role.

Celebrate this resource and study its content as we Davids continue to push back against the overwhelming, unfair Goliath called “education reform.”

From Media Matters:

Education policy has long been recognized as a contentious, complicated political third rail that transcends a typically partisan divide, but this complexity hasn’t kept staunchly conservative funders from bankrolling education reform efforts that line up with business interests. With the rise of privately operated public charter schools, digital learning models, and voucher and scholarship tax credit programs in recent decades, the education debate has grown even more complex, and schools and students are increasingly regarded as an untapped market.

Media should know that the education reform movement advocating for these policies often relies on the backing of corporate and right-wing funding. These conservative-backed policies aim to weaken labor unions by attacking teachers’ job protections and to push state-level education legislation that makes way for greater private profiteering — while leaving traditional public schools further behind.

Below, we outline the many overlapping connections in this echo chamber of advocacy groups, think tanks, and media outlets that are increasingly funded by a handful of conservative billionaires and for-profit education companies — often without proper disclosure. These groups are driving the education privatization movement forward by co-opting the education reform mantle.

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Click to see the entire report. 




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